Sunday, April 17, 2011

Podcast Episode Two: Twig Sunday

Show Notes

  • Cable and Lace Baby Blanket by Stephanie Ament. Still working on this.
  • Toe-up Socks (my pattern). On the second sock.
  • Freya Shawl by Renate Haeckler (new stitch to me: S2K1PSSO) Hand-dyed yarn from Grannyg. Grannyg has a podcast that is now on hiatus because she has recently started an online magazine called Entangled.
  • Owl Cable Owl by Alicia Weisberg-Roberts.
The Toy Society

Decide on what crown I want and finish the Ardelle hat by Ellen Bartz.

REVIEW: Myssystä sukkiin edited by Päivi Syrjänen
(Library Book. All opinions in the review are those of the blog author's.)


This is the rhyme that the witches say. There are different versions but this is the only one that I have heard.

Virvon varvon, (I don't think this means anything, but signals the witch is waving his/her wand.)
tuoreeks, (fresh), terveeks, (health)
tulevaks vuueks, (for the forthcoming year)
vitsa sulle, (twig for you)
palkka mulle! (reward for me!)

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